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DSC_0318 (1)Been working longer hours recently (why I don’t post much anymore), so I decided to take my early call this morning from home, rather than leave for work before Madison got up. When Denise brought her downstairs she was so happy to see me she grabbed my finger and walked me around the house for 5 minutes. Just chattering. We had a lot to catch up on.

It was definitely the right call.


Here our cameras caught up with Madison S, aka “The Monk,” alone in her room in a rare moment of calm. Due to a volatile temper and unpredictable behavior, Madison is no stranger to solitary confinement. She is a known charmer, so we were careful not to let her easy smile fool us. Folks around these parts know to approach Madison carefully. Especially after a nap. 

Madison runs with a pretty tough gang. Animals. Each and every one of them.