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Sir…hate to bother,
If…it’s not…too much trouble,
Please…shut the f#ck up.



‘For two days?’ She says.

I’ll get to it, I promise.

First it needs to soak.


Lunch-meeting salad,

You will never be wanted,

Yet always be there.


On the way to the train station this morning, at the start of my 1.5 hour commute, I heard a radio spot promoting a trip to Limerick, Ireland. It inspired me to write a limerick of my own. Actually it’s part limerick, and part rant, so I’m calling it a “limerant”:

There once was a man from Scotch Plains,

Whose life was dictated by trains,

Surrounded by clueless, and loud cell-phone talkers,

Stinkers, and seat hogs, and back-of-seat knockers,

He dreamed he could beat them with chains.