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I could probably be more on top of this blog than I am. So  I thought this shot of a bronzed Yoda in the George Lucas Complex in the Presidio, SF, was worth sharing. 


My dad is passionate about motorcycles, specifically his BMW 1150 RT, so as a Christmas present a few years back, I endeavored to take some cool shots of his bike and have them framed for him. I thought it was going to be super easy. To the surprise of no one that knows anything about photography, I was wrong. I didn’t account for little things, like, you know, lighting, or setting, or the fact that I was going to show up in most of the shots, reflected in the plastic surfaces of the bike (see last shot).

So the shots didn’t initially come out the way I’d hoped. But since Christmas was fast approaching, and I was woefully short on back-up ideas, I started experimenting with colors/retouching. Here’s what I ultimately gave him. He was jazzed.

Un-retouched. Can you spot the amateur in this photo?