At first, I didn’t think much about that dock that showed up on the Oregon Coast all the way from Japan (article) this week. But then I heard it weighed 165 tons!  

Now, I don’t want to scare anyone—and I don’t usually go in for conspiracy theories about government cover-ups—but I think we all know there’s only one way that could have happened…

First, a recap of the facts. This dock was nearly 70-feet of concrete and metal, weighed in at a whopping 165 tons, and traveled thousands of miles across the ocean.

There’s really only one plausible explanation.

Artist’s rendering of the proposed mechanism by which Godzilla could move massive objects. Shown here with the Titanic.

This little guy was tagging along on the dock. You going to tell me that this is of this earth? And not some parasite left behind by one of Godzilla’s intergalactic pals? Wake up, man.

I’m not saying that it’s definitely Godzilla…well, yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Stay on your toes, Oregon.