Screen Shot 2013-03-18 at 5.14.43 PMSitting in an all-day meeting the other day, my mind wandering off in search of any form of amusement, I think I devised the perfect plan for disruption. A prank for the modern office. It’s potentially diabolical in its conceit, but ultimately harmless in its execution. And it’s practically guaranteed to work, since most of these meetings seem to be taken very seriously.

First, get a recording of that sound it makes when someone dials in to a conference call; it’s kinda like ‘boop beep.’ Then, play it randomly during your next telecon. 

It’s that simple.

“Hi everyone. Thank you all for coming, I think we can go ahead and get started.”

 <boop, beep>

 “Did someone just join us? Hello? Is someone there? Hello? Did someone just join?”

 “Sorry guys, anyway, as I was saying…Welcome…”

 <boop beep>

 “Hi. Is someone joining us?”

 “Guys, do we know if we are expecting anyone else??”

<boop beep>

 “Is someone there? Hello? I think your line is on mute. Unmute your line. Are you there?” 

 <boop beep>

“Is that Mike? Was Mike going to call in?  Helloooooo. Did someone just join?”

<boop beep>

Not sure how many times it would take to reach a full-on meltdown. But I’m pretty sure it would be the best meeting I ever attended.