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Never really imagined the refrigerator in the garage to be any sort of metaphor, but looking inside it on this day commemorating American Independence, I find dark beers and pale ones, foreign ones and domestic ones, heavy beers and light ones. Blue collar types and fussy trendy types. A few blondes and even a ginger. All are welcome. Currently 25 different beer types (seriously, I counted), and even one bottle of Prosecco call it home.

That’s how we do the 4th. Cheers, folks. 



Ridin’ the rails.

Sippin’ a Molson.


From a brown paper sack.

Jersey has turned me into a hobo.

It only took a month.


Return of a Thanksgiving tradition. A beverage of my own device (at least as far as I know). I call it Black O’ Lantern. It’s made just like a Black and Tan, except the Guinness is layered on top of Pumpkin Cider. And it’s fantastic. If you don’t know how to make a Black and Tan, check out here.

Might take some practice to get that perfect layered effect (you can see mine already started to mix) but that’s why beer comes in 6 packs. And, given the medium, you’re not really going to complain about a little extra practice anyway. Are you? 

I’ve always appreciated the irony of this. And I like to think that the guy who was drinking it alone in the mud in the back of the cave where I found it also appreciated it.