How deficient do you have to be as a human adult to go into the refrigerator at work and take something out of it that you know you didn’t put in it? I’m not talking about people that are starving, or about things that are known community property, I’m talking about remorseless thievery committed by ridiculous people. You’d think it would be an exceedingly rare incident in a professional environment, yet it happens. Over and over. At every office I’ve ever worked in.

And this photo hardly captures how gross this crime usually gets. At least it’s a canned soda. Most times it’s someone’s lunch, that’s already been eaten out of at least once. Brought from home in old Tupperware that’s been forever stained orange from that time they microwaved spaghetti sauce in it (why won’t that ever come clean?!). I don’t even like eating my own leftovers half the time. But out there is a whole race of thoughtless sub-humans that look at that and say, “I must have it. Even if it could mean my job.”

If you’re one of them, get help. Or go away. Forever. You’re sick.